Mukti Naga Temple


Fig. 7 Sarpaasana ( the cobra ) :

Straighten the arms while arching the head and the spine backwards. Lower the hips. Only the hands and feet should touch the ground while the rest of the body remains of the ground.

Inhale deeply, filling the chest with air.
Fig. 8 Parvataasana ( the mountain )

Regain the position as shown in fig. 5

Exhale while attaining this position.
Fig. 9

Ashwa Sanchaalanaasana ( the horse ) :

Attain the position shown in fig. 4. The right leg must be extended backwards and the left leg brought forwards.

Inhale deeply.
Fig. 10 Hastapaadaasana ( the forward bending ) :

Come back to the position shown in fig. 3.

Exhale deeply.Inhale deeply while this posture is being attained.
Fig. 11 Oordhva Namaskaaraasana ( the prayer with raised arms )   :

Attain the position shown in Fig. 2.

Inhale while the body and the arms are lifted up.

Fig. 12 Namaskaaraasana ( the Prayer ) :

Return to the same position as Fig. 1.

Breathe normally.